Cranial hyperhidrosis - Unpleasant body phenomenon

Published: 22nd February 2011
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Excessive sweating in any part of body is upsetting and irksome disorder. Perspiration is not matter of concern till it is not visible, but becomes point of attention if it is evident and affects mental and emotional state of being as any other body phenomenon.

Insight into excessive head sweating:

If any person is suffering from hyper normal head sweating then it is called as cranial sweating. So, in simple terms it is called as unusual condition of head sweating. Any form of sweating is irritating nuisance, though it is not painful and head sweating is no exception. It is called cranial only when sweating is abnormal in head only.

Conditions which enable head hyperhidrosis

Armpit sweating is more common than head sweating and is due to nervous system malfunction. Nervous system is crucial as it regulates major body activities. Hence, if malfunction in nervous system occurs it is bound to attend all parts of body, here like head especially and effects are seen in ways of sweating.
Person with cranial sweating is healthy though the reason of nervous system problem is not yet known well. Many reasons are there which clear symptoms of cranial sweating are:

Heart troubles

If person sweats excessively then first cardiac problems are assumed. If person faces any heart problems then sweat appears over head and simultaneously face. Acute pain in chest will lead to face, back and on head (forehead). This is another cause of head sweating.

Hyperhidrosis is partially caused by genes too. Cranial hyperhidrosis becomes serious ailment only if heart diseases, stroke and diabetes are associated with it.

Anxiety and strain

Stress and anxiousness are quite relative terms. Work or emotional stress both can lead to anxiety and nervous behavior. Fear for any event of situation develops anxiety regarding its probability of certainty. Sometimes hormonal changes also lead to anxiety which enables person to profuse sweating. Sweating is usual in fearful conditions as human sweat glands are capable of secreting 12 liters of sweat.

Increased levels of thyroid

Thyroid is important gland to body and its function is to secrete hormones. Excess production of hormones is called as hyperthyroidism. Such body changes lead to excessive sweating of head.

Diet too is very important for body as it affects body phenomenon’s. Type of food consumption is responsible for triggering the sweat. Hence to avoid hyperhidrosis you should eat limited quantity of foods including garlic, onions and also avoid too spicy and hot foods.

Diet should be altered as per seasons and results after regular care will be visible and gradually cranial hyperhidrosis will decrease.
In social get together, leaking head will ruin all the fun and will be very horrifying. Excessive sweating of head invites many other scalp problems as itching and dandruff increase.

In next section we shall discuss effective treatments of cranial hyperhidrosis.

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