Effects of methadone while excessive sweating?

Published: 03rd March 2011
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A lot has been already said regarding sweating and its medical term hyperhidrosis. They are different words with one meaning. In earlier sections we discussed much in detail about the drugs which cause profuse sweating but as methadone worsens the situation so it requires special mention if dosage is improper. Not to worry, just keep on reading to explore the side effects of methadone and how to live with sweating?
Methadone in action now:
Methadone Intensol ; Methadose are other names for Methadone. It si narcotic water solvent drug similar to morphine which causes excessive sweating and flushing too. Methadone is opioid which causes heavy sweating affecting the centers of brain. This medication is given to relive pain and for fever also. Methadone can also be used for drug addiction detoxification for many years in United States and maintenance of narcotic effect. But, things are not that straight and simple.
If methadone is suddenly withdrawn then can cause sweating and increase in methadone dose can control sweating. Remember, methadone has serious side effects and can even cause death, so beware. Methadone sweating is very dramatic as patient's report on treatment after a month or so. If excessive sweating aggravates them then intense sweaters find it inconvenient to execute basic routine work which often leads to frustration.

How to proceed with Methadone in treatment?

As this medication has fatal consequences so its treatment should be closely monitored at every stage. You should strictly use particular brand of methadone prescribed by doctor. If your medicine is not working so you can have some strange side effects:
Hallucinations, chest pain, dizziness and suffocation causing sweat.
Fainting, fluctuating heartbeat, uneasiness in breathing, confusion and dry mouth.

Insomnia, weakness, drowsiness, vomiting and restlessness.
Otehr factors which lead to excessive sweating can be ill effects of medication which trigger nervousness and fretfulness.

Please never take methadone without medical prescription. Apart from rest of medicines used in narcotics methadone has serious side effects. Sometimes person may get addicted; hence strict guidelines of medical expert should be followed. If you have specific body infections and asthma then methadone is not prescribed for you. Methadone can also cause over activity of thyroid which can cause sweating. You should not take this medicine if you have following problems:

Personal family history of medical ailments should be well examined by doctor before advising for methadone.

Hyper normal sweating (excessive sweating) can also be caused due to factors like brain tumor problem, liver problem and psychological conditions like trauma or stress).

Methadone will not show daemon face if balanced dosage is taken else has ever grave impact on human body especially causing profuse hyperhidrosis.

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