Knowledge on facial hyperhidrosis

Published: 04th February 2011
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In many research being carried out doctors saw peculiar cases of excessive sweating. Lets today for example elaborate one unusual case and related aspects of sweating.

A young lad who was a speaker suffered from severe face sweating. According to him this event was related with his stage fright. Its common in cases where people due to tension that people run down streams of sweat over face and trunk, specially seen during interviews. But with this speaker it became common annoyance to sweat extensively. What do think it was? Its known as facial sweating or medically known as facial hyperhidrosis or head sweating also.

Some important signs observed are:

In any case of sweating, sweaty palms are the slight symptom. Sweaty feet with unfriendly smell and daytime sweating are metabolic signs of facial sweating. Excessive sweating should be treated soon by consulting medical expert like there are some risk factors associated with it too. Hormonal disorders like hyperthyroidism may occur due to low estrogens. Immunity issue like chronic fatigue may also bother in facial sweating. Mental stress and hypoglycemia are also causes of facial sweating.

Though this has been more regarded as genetic body condition and it has even been stated that some external stimuli may trigger facial sweating or blushing. So it is inherited disorder which causes excessive facial sweating. Mostly the signs appear in teenage only but in few cases they may turn up late. Assumptions are more like overweight people are more affected. People have to face social awkwardness and become almost obsessed and refrain from attending outdoor events.

Facial sweating apart from only face affects scalp and neck too. So if you experience any such conditions or signs constantly then your face and head will be dripping even in less physical activity. Aspects which lead to excessive sweating are diet, physical activity and mental imbalance or emotional disturbance. Above all it is not completely curable but apt procedures can be taken to control it. So now how one does cures hyperhidrosis.

There are 2 broad categories surgical and non surgical ways. Non surgical methods are prescribed by doctors and result of over the counter medicines and antiperspirants. They work well for mild form of sweating which includes the use of topical contents like drysol (aluminum chloride with ethyl alcohol).To get the results, relevant ingredients should be applied on skin for 6 to 8 hours. To avoid skin irritation like rashes and itching, apply it on clean and dry skin. Though vinegar bath is very effective home remedy which has thumbs up from many people.

So don't lose hope as many natural remedies help to diminish facial sweating. So just explore new treatments and try under expert supervision to avoid side effects.

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