Which drugs to avoid during hyperhidrosis

Published: 01st March 2011
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Isn't it humiliating to stand all wet in front of someone depicting untidiness and unhygienic conditions of body? Sweating is the only disorder which probably is painless, terrible, dampening and makes you uncomfortable and restless as sweating is result of various body changes. Excessive sweating with it accompanies frustration which leads to fear and tension in some people. This terrible disorder has so badly affceted people that tehy hardly understand the root cause of ailment and are puzzled with situation.
Self medication for any ailment is contributing to ill health rather curing it. Intake of medicines and side effects of drugs are not well understood by every common man. One should take medinices only after after prescription of physician. Certain medications lead to sweating also called hyperhidrosis by medical fraternity. Perspiration is very distressed state of body so some medications will cause sweating like .

1) Calcium: It is very significant mineral of body and popular diet supplement for body. If body has calcium in excess then individual may result in excessive sweating losing all calcium and potassium. In order to replace such inadequacy appropriate amount of calcium tablets should be taken under prescription of doctor.

2) Ibuprofen: It is one of NSAIDs which is used for treatment of arthritis. This is though approved by FDA but in any variation can cause severe perspiration. As this drug raises body temperature so proportionally will cause sweating due to increase in blood pressure. Ibuprofen is generally prescribed by doctors to reduce fever, inflammation with headache, toothache, back pain or minor injury. If you take this medicine for any other cause then it will bring down normal body heat resulting is body dampness and adds to already heavy sweating.

3) Aspirin: Aspirin is also non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAIDs) and is classified as salicylate. This tablet is available as ingredient and in combination of another drug to gradually release medical treatment. Like pill known as percodan contains aspirin. OTC aspirin is helpful to reduce fever only for maximum 6 hours a day and another dosage will be required. Factors like vomiting, nausea, heartburn, stomachache, liver toxicity, rash, kidney problems in some cases can cause hyper normal sweating and so dosage should be well as per directions of doctor.

4) Methadone: Excseeive perspiration is called diaphoresis too and taking methadone un-prescribed is unknowingly commiting suicide). It is also known as Methadone, Physeptone and has other names too. It is commonly approved as analgesic . As it's used as cure for some disorders but has many adverse affects particularly hyperhidrosis and itching. If intake of methadone is not moderate then can lead to severe sweating. Night sweats too can occur. It is not harmful for everyone but can worsen situation for heavy sweaters. It has short and long term adverse effects. Methadone treatment of excessive should be monitored. Methadone if given according to body weight in apt quantity by skilled medical expert will not be nuisance.

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